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Castling Financial Planning, Ltd.

Helping You Secure Your Future™

Castling Financial Planning, Ltd. provides highly personalized financial planning and investment advice, focused primarily on serving Middle America, in an affordable, hourly based format, that does not require any minimum level of client assets and avoids conflicts of interest.

We provide advice primarily on mutual funds, exchange traded funds and individual stocks, along with United States Treasury securities, certificates of deposit, variable annuities, the conservative options trading strategy described as “covered call writing” and real estate. We also provide general financial planning services, research reports and software tools. We do not provide advice on individual corporate or municipal bonds. 

We are guided by an overriding objective to do for others based upon what we would want done for and by ourselves.


Our core principles are:

  • To always act in the best interests of our clients

  • To always remember that it's about the process of financial planning and not the products

  • To eliminate conflicts of interest and not merely “manage” them, as so many other advisors do

  • To always provide true value to our clients

  • To always be simple and clear in billing, just as with any valuable service and never attempt to obfuscate costs by using fee deduction from client assets

  • To always keep in mind our clients' goals and objectives, their hopes and dreams, but also their fears

  • To remind the advisor community and everyone, that the second million dollars is always a lot easier to reach than the first....So our industry should be motivated to help Middle America, if we are to live up to our purpose and professional standards.

Our core services:

  • Quantifying one or more Financial Goals
  • Calculation of Required Rate of Return: (R3)TM for one or more Financial Goals
  • Cash Flow analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Net Worth Statement creation
  • Calculation of “What Have You Got to Show for it?”TM Ratio
  • Consumer Debt analysis
  • Mortgage Debt and Repayment analysis
  • Rent versus Buy analysis
  • Automobile Purchase/Lease decision and Funding analysis
  • Major Project or Home Improvement Funding analysis
  • Asset Allocation recommendations for one or more Financial Goals
  • Investment Policy Statement (IPS) creation
  • Individual investment type, mutual fund or ETF analysis and recommendation(s)
  • Estate planning “Plain English” objectives defined in preparation for attorney review
  • Estate plan and beneficiary review
  • Retirement income needs analysis
  • Analysis of Retirement Plan Rollover options versus staying with existing plan
  • Analysis of Roth IRA conversion feasibility with recommendations
  • Insurance review
  • Income tax planning
  • College funding or other education needs review
  • FSOTM: Financial Second Opinion on existing or proposed plan or recommendation
  • Assistance with Implementing financial planning recommendations
  • Periodic review of Client financial status: Frequency (i.e. quarterly)